Legend Of Leviathan - Imminent

from by Down Right Destructive Promotions




I have entered tribulation from this oppression

The disease grows from the cross that I carry on my back

Exposed and marked as a beast not only as a wretch but also as a demon

As the sin rolls back into my eyes my spine caves in as I vomit forth these lies

As father calls into the realm I can’t even handle the fucking smell

Flesh is too much to bare for a sick sadistic being

Men fall silent in the eyes of a god that does not exist

Now watch as the sky turns red and Eden falls to the fucking ground

Burning every page that was ever written this is my sermon of filth

My sermon of filth

Self-afflictions causing me to resurrect the demon that once lied within this skin

Decipher everything I know between everything you are you create these lies to blind before their eyes

God come down and equal yourself to humanity

I hold the rotting gospel in my hands the darkening of heaven has begun

My sermon has been heard through out this filthy land and now it’s time for the numb to feel again

These foundations you’ve built cannot withstand the scourge of mankind

Inhaling hate and exhaling lies

This is a vile extermination altars of false beliefs fall to their knees

As they cry out in pity for the damned exposed and wretched lying on the ground

Darkened angels fall to the earth as I call out your messiah he shows his true colors with his blood I flood this night and end all creation

If heaven won’t take me then I’ll take heaven


from New Era: Volume II, released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


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